Outdoor Container Planters

Planters add dimension to your landscape and patio. We have a wide variety of planters of matching design and color with varying sizes to create a grouping or stand alone, to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor décor.


Planter selection varies each year. Visit store to see what we have.


Also, check out our new DESERT PLANTERS! We have become the area dealer and we are quite confident that you would want to know about this product. These planters/pots are self-watering, meaning that they only need water every 3 - 6 weeks (depending on size and weather conditions). They are also Canadian made by a company that understands the rigors of our climate! These planters can be left outside all year, have a 5 year warranty, don't fade or crack, are double walled, safe for food growing, and the best part...have an excellent price point!