Something for Every Plantscape

  • Annuals

    Oh the anticipation! As early as mid March, our annuals fill our greenhouses and yard. Our selection is massive and in a multitude of colors; everything from bedding plants, herbs, vegetables, hanging baskets, organic, grasses, pond flowers, or flower pouches, and in a great selection of sizes. We have Citronella to ward off mosquitoes, begonias for those shady areas and sunflowers for the sunny areas. Our selection includes basket stuffers, hanging baskets, pots of herbs, mini garden pots and living walls.

  • Artificial & Silks

    We have the selection, and the expertise if needed, to help accessorize any home, office, or event in any theme, any season of the year. We carry large potted artificials down to individual silk flowers and garlands. They can be the perfect gift that last long after the fresh flowers have faded and withered…

  • Fruits

    Small fruits and berries are one of our specialties. We stock several varieties of each species plus we carry some of the harder-to-find, such as kiwis, chokeberries, seaberries, goji berries and the list goes on. We also have several varieties of fruit trees that are zone hardy, such as combo fruits, apricots, plums, apples, etc. But don’t delay, they are usually the first items to sell out!

  • Perennials

    We carry a huge variety of perennials, including various cultivars of species. We have everything from the common to the uncommon. We have assortments for every type of yard condition, even native species plants already adapted and thriving in Alberta’s environment.

  • Roses

    We carry over 100 varieties of roses so we are quite confident that we have one just for you! Whether it be hardy shrub roses, colorful climbers, the tender tea roses, and when availability permits, rose trees…chances are, we have it!

  • Seeds & Bulbs

    Arugula to Zucchini!


    Vegetable seeds or tape, herbs, flowers, organic, heirloom (non GMO), microgreens, sprouts, onion and garlic sets, asparagus and potatoes. We receive our Fall bulbs in September and October in time for planting, and our Spring bulbs arrive in March.

  • Shrubs

    From flowering to hedging, for sunny or shady, in wet or dry soil conditions, we have a large selection of evergreens and deciduous shrubs. We also carry some of the lesser know varieties, so that you can personalize that special spot.

  • Trees

    Need shade? Privacy? Beauty to enhance your yard? We have the variety of selections, both in evergreens and deciduous, to give you just what you are looking for. Plus, just to keep it interesting and give some added visual personality, we also carry specialty varieties.

  • Tropicals/Indoor

    Our tropicals department is another year round delightful surprise that you won't want to miss! We stock our little tropical oasis with tropicals, carnivorous, citrus (when in season), cacti, succulents, seasonal flowers, orchids, air plants and bonsai.


    Once again our qualified and creative staff can transform your living space, office or event into a living beauty of foliage and flowers. If you require something that thrives on neglect, something fragrant, or something distinctive and stunning, we have it.

  • Water

    To enhance any water feature, be it a pond or a simple water bowl, we carry aesthetic varieties that also support a better-functioning ecosystem. We carry the marginals, the oxygenators, and of course, the floaters, as well as, many of the accessories to complete your water garden ensemble.